. . . W H E N & W H Y . . .

 Being that we all live together in the same world at the same time, those living in excess should feel obligated to advocate for those existing without… whether it be as serious a need as socks & shoes, or a luxury item like a good fashion sense.

Helping one another toward our shared future is nonnegotiable.

We also believe that society has already created enough garments to satisfy the world population, the world over. Not to mention, the large-scale MNCs responsible for labor law abuse & human rights violations that have placed the garment & fashion industries into some of the most polluting & chaotic sectors of commerce. This is the reason why 'S A R A P ! chooses first to make its products with already-made, often forgotten pieces & fabrics...

...for the more clothes some make, the less close we all become. It remains a top priority of ours to tip the economies of scale in the favor of ecology & affordability.

 The name 'S A R A P ! itself is a double entendre: 

 1 . a conjunctive form of the phrase, "it's a wrap!" 

2. ) a Tagalog (Filipino) term for 'delicious' or 'of good taste' 

'S A R A P ! is based purely in the F.A.C.T.S.

F A S H I O N / A C T I O N / C O M P A S S I O N / T H R A S H I N / S T A S H I N


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