. . . W H E R E & H O W . . .

'S A R A P ! operates smoothly at the heart of the 18b Arts District within world-famous Downtown Las Vegas.

 99% of our available merchandise consists of materials sourced from fellow small businesses, local/virtual individual craft-workers, & reclaimed retailers*.  This means almost nothing we offer comes directly from a corporation, but rather another human being. 

 (Although plenty of our stuff still has the tags!) 

'S A R A P ! is a truly organic hub of inspiration for all types of creatives. From curating art shows, to hosting the seasonal Downtown Music Festival & monthly First Friday Festival Showcase, & even skateboarding competitions...

'S A R A P ! does it all with a smile.

Lastly, considering the fact that Las Vegas exhibits one of the highest homeless rates in the US, the shop has always functioned as a donation site for some basic necessities (shoes / socks / toiletries) that the team hand-delivers via skateboards to those in need all around Downtown. 

(*thrift stores, garage sales, various secondhand retailers, etc.)


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